Monday, March 29, 2010

A trip to Droog

For those living in New York who have never been, I would highly recommend a visit to New York design and furniture shop, Droog. The shop is in SoHo and features two floors of decorative, industrial and furniture design pieces. The lower level is a gallery space with tons of high concept pieces. I was there a few weeks ago with a friend and colleague of mine and I have to say, we had so much fun exploring the amazing (and sometimes fantastically bizarre) pieces in this store.

Some of my favorites

This piece was so incredibly cool. it's called Crystal Virus and it's a studio piece. It's basically a maple wooden table with about 25+ crystal amorphous, organic looking vases sitting on top. The vases are strategically placed across the table (some of which are bulging over the edges) and under each of them, the wood is charred black. the result is very cool and unexpected.

The next piece is a chest of drawers made entirely of waste material as social commentary of wasteful our consumer society. It became an icon of the nineties and is now a collector’s piece.

This one is probably my favorite piece and reminds me of this huge teak table my parents own in the Philippines. It also reminds me of my travels to Bali and the incredible wood carvings they create in Ubud. This enormous table, called the Godogan table is completely handmade by expert Indonesian carvers. The woodworkers were challenged to the utmost with this extremely complicated design depicting an Indonesian fairy tale. This table could not have been carved in the West where comparable craftsmanship does not exist anymore. It also kind of reminds me of MC Escher drawing with the way the lizards emerge in and out of the composition.

Here's an MC Escher


  1. I can't believe I have not been to this store yet. Will go tomorrow.
    Great blog by the way:)

  2. Oh you must! It's quite a fun excursion!
    (and thank you for your kind words too :) )

  3. First off Margot, it makes me want to do a little jog that I'm on your blogroll. Second, these furniture pieces are so provocative and COOL! I'm in love with the first one. Nice post.

  4. meant to say "jig" At this point in time nothing makes me want to jog :)

  5. Umm. ok Let me just say.. I lovve Varnish!

    hahaha Love 'jog around'. Sometimes I see something that gets me so excited that I can't contain myself and 'jog' might be an appropriate thing to do to harness that excitement :)