Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Details: Established & Sons

Something clients will always hear me say is that the devil is in the details. And I think that it's a philosophy and inspiration that can be taken from virtually any artform and craft. I very often look to industrial design, furniture design and architecture to solve some of the problems I encounter during the design process. You'd be surprised how the detail on the ceiling of a building, or the closure on the opening of a tea kettle can spark an idea that can lend itself directly into what I'm doing (as completely unrelated as it may seem). Come to think of it, I'd love to do a post that illustrates how inspiration from daily discoveries come to life in the designs I create.. Definitely something I'm going to do soon!

One of my most recent inspirations comes from an amazing industrial and furniture company by the name of Established and Sons. They represent some of the most innovative and leading designers, architects and artists to create a collection that is truly unique.

Sleek and streamlined table...

Friggin' AMAZING detail and wood finishing at the joints

The colors on the base of this table make such a statement...

But when you realize that it's knit from thousands of folded pieces of paper, it's even better.

An awesome lamp

Is actually an intelligent lamp that transforms into different, graphic looks at the touch of your hand.

1 comment:

  1. I Love what they make!

    But I've seen something that makes me believe they are fusing with another company and starting a new brand.

    I saw that they were going to call it: Botinger & Roi