Thursday, April 1, 2010

Packaging and Paper Engineering by Design Students

I'm always blown away by the ideas and innovation that emerge from design school student work. This 'exercise' in paper engineering and packaging comes from the class of Sylvain Allard, a professor at École de design. He asked his students to do solve the following problem:

"From a single sheet of paper, they should design a label for a bottle of wine. Through manipulation, bending, cutouts, and mechanisms or in repeated patterns and structures, they should create an image consisting solely of paper. All work should explore the potential of the paper and printing was not allowed.

Since it was meant to be an exploration to push the limits of paper. Transportation constraints, marketing and handling were not an endpoint. In contrast, research, innovation, virtuosity, originality and skill were the criteria for evaluation."

So in this instance a two-dimensional piece of paper becomes a three dimensional, nearly architectural structure. It's also interesting to see how the contrast between the white of the paper and the dark color of the bottle starts to build shapes, patterns, images, geometry, etc..

If only we had packages like THAT in the marketplace!



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