Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stationery Details and Finishings

A question I am often asked is "How do I add wow factor to my invitations". Like serious serious jazziness? One word. Details. A splash of color where you least expect it, a hand applied Swarovski crystal where it counts, a gorgeous mock croc envelope lining. Those are the things that can bring your wedding invitations to that next level and add wow factor.

Here are some of my favorite finishings and details:

Blind embossing. This is when you print no color on a surface. It works best with methods like embossing and letterpress and creates a wonderful tone one tone, tactile effect.

Sewing and stitching on paper

Wax seals. I love this one in black with the dramatic "accidental" drop

 Laser Cutting

Printing on Fabric. This one's linen but you can print on practically anything!

Beautifully colored or textured papers

Unique bindings. Take a look at this binding. On the first They used the same green as the graphics to create something unexpected and very clever. On the second it's just the amazing pop of yellow.

Perforations. An easy way of adding a touch of unexpected. We sometimes use this method with rsvp cards where we'll put response information on one side and event details on the other so the guest can rip the perforation, keep one side and mail back the rsvp side.

Hand stamps. A wonderful way of adding a handmade quality to anything. Plus custom made stamps can be made quite cheaply.

Color on the inside. This generally works best for pocket folders, envelopes or pockets in which you can essentially create an interesting reveal by adding some color on the inside.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite details and finishings. They can be done individually or paired. Heck you can even do all of them! Either way, they are a great way of making you invitations unique and special.

All images come courtesy of Graphic-Exchange