Friday, May 21, 2010

National Stationery Show 2010

We're back from an amazing week at the National Stationery Show! It was actually our very first time exhibiting at the show (though we had visited it last year) and we launched our wedding retail collection, which generated overwhelming response!

The process started on friday and saturday, where Steve and I put up the booth ourselves (with the help of the wonderful Javits staff, Manny Stone and Freeman). We kept it relatively simple, budget-friendly and DIY by ordering our own frames and assembling and mounting them ourselves on the Manny Stone foam core walls. Huge payoff. Not only was the booth unique and modern, it completely embodied our aesthetic and branding. And it was within budget. The rest was all decorating it and getting custom ordered furniture in place.

The show itself was so much fun and we had a great time not only meeting retailers, but also connecting and expanding our network of fellow stationers and letterpress studio owners. It's a wonderful community and it was great to finally meet a lot of the people whose work we've admired over the years.

Here are some photos of the booth and of us

We used Stark Louis and Victoria ghost chairs to disappear, suggesting more space than was actually present in the booth

We utilized the brown walls to our advantage by making gold frames and our invitations pop off a dark background.

A custom laser cut piece we showcased

Our new 'Traviata' Collection

Steve and I proudly manning our booth on day 1

We loved the idea of stacking frames within frames to create something visually unexpected and unique

The console table was actually from our apartment! After much lugging around, bubble packing and zipcarring across the city.

And here I am fixing our lovely binders..

I have to stress what an amazing experience it was (and certainly very eye opening). I have tons of ideas and inspiration for things to come in the future thanks to this year's NSS!

There are a couple of blogs that came by and are doing an amazing job at covering the show. To see more pictures of other booths and companies featured in the show, check them out:

Oh So Beautiful Paper
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Garter Girl: Custom Couture Wedding Garters

When I stumbled upon this website I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous work that is being created by artist/designer Julianna Smith. Julianna has carved quite a unique niche for herself by creating gorgeous one of a kind wedding garters that can be customized not only with personalization like stitched words and such but also with the use of unique styles and luxurious materials. The company is called The Garter Girl.

Her first project was a garter for a friend who was looking for something totally out of the ordinary for her wedding. Apparently, the bride wanted something “furry" and as a bridesmaid, she was given the single task of finding one..  After trying in vain to find one, she decided that the only remaining option would be to create this furry piece. And make it she did. The rest is history. She channels her energy into creating chic and modern wedding garters that will make brides want to embrace the wedding garter tradition.

Here are some of my personal faves

From the Couture Collection. The French Maid design screams Haute Couture with it's lace and feather details

This piece is form the Modern Collection and features lovely crystal appliques. What I particularly love about this piece is the unexpected vibrant color combination.

Oh how I love hand dyed silk and the gorgeous effect it creates.

I could totally see this working gorgeously for a Gatsby-esque or 1920s glam inspired wedding. So very glamorous.

She can also do traditional. This is your classic garter with a touch of something blue..

And finally, a pretty customized garter with stitched personalized message.

Go check out the rest of her website and her bespoke creations!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

India Meets West Wedding Invitations

I'm really excited to share this brand new set with you all. This was an Indian meets Western wedding invitation suite we created for a lovely couple getting married in New York City. When the couple came to us, they brought lots of inspiration and magazine tearsheets with them to express their vision and tastes. Something we quickly picked up on was the fact that that they really did not want their invitations to fall into the typical aesthetic look of most Indian wedding invitations. They wanted it to be contemporary, fresh and reflective of their stylish taste.

The inspiration they brought to us showed that they really had very sophisticated sensibilities when it came to design and details. They loved typography, color and the idea of weaving in small exciting details into the invitation set. We started out by creating their invitation moodboard (which is essentially a moodboard like any other except we’re capturing the vibe and feel of the invitations specifically). We focused on color, details and beautiful typography.

The next step was determining the construction and specifics we were going to select and move forward with. They really loved the idea of a handmade fabric folder with details such as ribbon card holders and different colors for the outer shell and inner lining. We also focused on the idea of using color gradations of green to blue to differentiate all the different insert cards that were going to go into the pocket.

After tons of revisions and refining here is the final product. You’ll see that we used a different typography style on each and every insert card to differentiate them. We also used gradients and small icons such as Henna for the Mehndi Card and Ganesh for the Grashanti Card to further give each event a personality of it’s own.

Each folder was individually handmade and assembled. All envelopes were printed letterpress as well as the insert cards that were printed on luxurious cotton paper. The outer belly band was silkscreen printed white on a translucent vellum.

Detail of the Ganesh icon on the Grashanti Card

Stacked together, the border lines on both sides of the cards form a beautiful gradient. The two ribbons accentuate that vertical line that is created on the borders.

The whole family of event cards (minus the wedding reception card)

As you can see the, result is nothing short of spectacular! We just love the final effect of this suite and how it brings a contemporary edge to a traditional Indian invite.